A coworker of mine posted this link to her facebook page and I found it blog worthy.  What I find most impressive about this piece is that it exposes how important collections of books and other media are to some of the word’s most notable celebrities.  I do not recall libraries being featured on MTV’s Cribs, but these pictures suggest that libraries get just as much attention in the homes of celebrities as their pools or garages.  By association, this elevates these rooms to a symbol of status while simultaneously recognizing the importance of literature and art to the identity and success of the celebrities themselves.

As a librarian/archivist/nerd, these private collections make me drool a little.  And I am sure the same is true for many others in my profession.  But what is even more fascinating is that these rooms were not created to be shown off to me or any other librarian or archivist – these are instead built for a specific purpose and utility in the show piece that is the mansion.

I also cannot help but dream that the attention given to these private libraries makes a case for aesthetic of the traditional library in the face of digital media.  As institutional libraries lose space and become increasingly online repositories, I hope that the public comes to realize the importance of the library as an institution.

2 thoughts on “Interesting

  1. I wonder what collections those celebrities have? Also, are books not valued as much as other forms of entertainment like big screen televisions by mainstream culture, being the reason they are not included in MTV cribs?

    • I’d say absolutely yes – but it’s interesting to see that the celebrities that the public idolizes for their fame and money, themselves see books as an important part of their identity, success and habitat.

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